Casa Paivense challenge at CIFP César Manrique

Today, we have celebrated the internal meeting with selected students to work for Casa Paviense challenge. The idea for this challenge is to implement a business plan for the restaurant Casa Paivense (Porto). This challenge will be  coordinated by Proandi. Students of first course of Higher Technician in Administration and Finance (CIFP César Manrique) have known more in depth the frame of Real Challenges for Vocational Education Students Erasmus+ KA2 project.
This meeting have been to decide which part of the business plan will be developed by students of CIFP César Manrique. Esther Gómez and Lucía Ferrara (teachers involved) have decided to focus the efforts of the students on the following sections:

  • 1.4 Mission
  • 4.4 Need for human resources and skills
  • 5.5 Estimate of the unit cost of raw materials, miscellaneous materials and others.

From CIFP César Manrique, we are very excited to start this new challenge

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