Conecta Software meeting with CIFP César Manrique students

Yesterday (23th March 2021) Conecta Software had a meeting with CIFP César Manrique students. The main point was to discuss about technical issues of RC4VETs challenge “Improving Tecnikea”. 

Conecta Software explained to the students how to use the Trello application in the best way. Firstly, Conecta Software uses Odoo, but they have had some security and technical issues with the application. For this reason, all of their accounts have been cancelled. The company creates a new Trello board and it includes all the tasks of “Improving Tecnikea” challenge. Moreover, all stakeholders of the project have been invited to use it. 

The new board contains many cards. The students should complete the tasks of the challenges and then they should upload it to the associated card. Given the possibility to easily receive notifications from the application, Conecta Software suggest that any doubt or question have to be explained on the specific card on Trello (using naming@conectasoftware4).

All the users can assigned to a card by themselves, so they don’t have to wait to be assigned. For this reason, everyone have to: get an activity; then, ask to @conectasoftware4 and other students; finally, work on it.

RC4VETS at CIFP Cesar Manrique
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